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Route Map (BlueLine)


Route Map (BrownLine)

Name Price Price including* Web Location Phone Communication
The Tango Hotel - XinYi (天閣 信義) 121 USD icon_safe.png icon_dvd.png icon_internet.png icon_aircon.png icon_TV.png No. 297, ZhongXiao East Road, Section 5, Taipei, Taiwan. 台北市忠孝東路五段297號 +886-2-25288000 MRT S.Y.S Memorial Hall / MRT YongChun
Pacific Business Center-Taipei (太平洋商務中心 台北會館) 120 USD icon_safe.png icon_did.png icon_internet.png icon_iron.png icon_news.png icon_dvd.png icon_aircon.png icon_cloth.png 11F No.495 GUANG-FU S. ROAD, TAIPEI, TAIWAN. 北市信義區光復南路495號11樓 +886-2-8780-8000 MRT Taipei City Hall
City Lake Hotel (麗湖飯店) 93 USD icon_internet.png icon_dvd.png icon_desk.png icon_TV.png icon_aircon.png No. 462, Sec. 5, Cheng Gong Rd., Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. 台北市內湖區成功路五段462號 +886-2-26306636 MRT HuZhou
Kang Ning Service Apartment (台北康寧生活會館) 84 USD icon_safe.png icon_did.png icon_cloth.png icon_internet.png icon_TV.png icon_aircon.png No.28, Ln. 420, Sec. 5, Chenggong Rd., Taipei, Taiwan. 台北市內湖區成功路五段420巷28號 +886-2-26348999 MRT HuZhou
Deja Vu Hotel (喬合大飯店) 65 USD icon_internet.png icon_did.png icon_TV.png No. 136, Fuxing S. Rd., Taipei, Taiwan. 台北市復興南路136號 +886-2-27765877 MRT Zhongxiao Fuxing
Yo Tong Regency (友統大飯店) 42 USD icon_TV.png icon_internet.png icon_bus.png 13F ,No.197 , Sec.4 ,ChungHsiao E.Rd , Taipei , Taiwan 台北市忠孝東路四段197號13樓 +886-2-27735177 MRT Zongxiao Dunhua
Taipei Backpackers Hostel (台北橙舍) 31 USD icon_internet.png icon_cloth.png icon_TV.png icon_aircon.png No.14, Lane 11, Taiyuan Rd., Taipei, Taiwan. 台北市太原路11巷14號 +886-2-25590202 MRT Taipei Main Station
* Icons stands for -
icon_TV.pngCable TV
icon_news.pngDaily Morning paper
icon_did.pngD I D Line
icon_dvd.pngDVD Player
icon_iron.pngElectronic Iron
icon_internet.pngFree Internet Access
icon_aircon.pngIndividual Air Conditioning
icon_safe.pngPersonal Electronic Safe
icon_bus.pngTransfer Service
icon_cloth.pngWashing Machine
icon_desk.pngWork Desk


Buses from Taoyuan Int'l Airport to downtown Taipei

Routes Stops Fare (NTD) Service Hours Journey Time (mins) Headway (mins)
Taiwan Bus Corp. (Kuokuang Line) Jiuquan St.
Taipei Bridge
Taipei Main Station
$125 Taoyuan Airport 05:40-24:50
Taipei Main Station 05:00-23:30
55 15-20
Evergreen Bus Jiuquan St
MRT Minquan W. Rd Station
MRT Shuanglian Station
Evergreen Marine Corp.
Xingan National House
MRT Nanjing East Road Station
MRT ZhongXiao Fuxing Station
MRT ZhongXiao Xinsheng Station
Evergreen Laurel Hotel
Leofoo Hotel
songjiang Hsin Tsun
$140 Taoyuan Airport 06:00-00:30
Taipei City 05:00-23:00
60 15-20
Toward You Air Bus (East Line) Miramar Hotel
MRT ZhongXiao Xinsheng Station
Howard Hotel
Far Eastern Plaza Hotel
Hyatt Hotel
$145 Taoyuan Airport 05:50-00:50
Hyatt Hotel 04:40-23:00
60-70 15-20
Toward You Air Bus (West Line) Tayuan
Taoyuan Airport
Cargo Terminal
Tai Mall
Nan Kan
Nan Kan interchange
Fortuna Hotel
Taipei Main Station
Sheraton Hotel Taipei
Formosa Regent Taipei
Ambassador Hotel Taipei
Imperial Hotel
$90 Taoyuan Airport 06:00-23:00
Lai Sheraton Hotel Taipei 04:40-23:00
70-90 15-20

Transfer to High Speed Railways via High Speed Rail Shuttle

Routes Stops Fare (NTD) Service Hours Journey Time (mins) Headway (mins)
High Speed Rail Shuttle Taoyuan Int'l Airport <-> THSR Taoyuan Station $30 Taoyuan Int’l Airport 07:00-22:00
THSR Taoyuan Station 06:30-22:30
20-30 10-15
THSR THSR Taoyuan Station <-> Taipei Main Station $140 for standard class
$350 for business class
THSR Taoyuan Station 07:00-22:30
Taipei Main Station 06:30-22:30
20-30 30


Taxis are available at Taoyuan Airport 24 hours a day.

Airport taxis charge according to the meter in addition to a 50% surcharge (highway tolls not included) and provide transport to anywhere in Taiwan. (A typical taxi fare to Taipei is approx. NT$1,100.)

For further information about Terminal I Taxis, please call (03) 398-2832.
For further information about Terminal II Taxis, please call (03) 398-3599
To report a complaint about airport taxi service, please call (03) 398-2241 or (03) 398-2177

Note: From Sinica Academia to Taipei main station. It takes about 30 minutes by taxi, and about 50 minutes by bus+MRT.

City buses from MRT Nangang Station (BlueLine) to COSCUP / Gnome.Asia 2010

City buses from MRT Nangang Exhibition Center (BrownLine) to COSCUP / Gnome.Asia 2010


  • 捷運 內湖線
    • 麗湖飯店 (City Lake Hotel):
    • 康寧生活會館:
    • 兩者都在捷運內湖線,可以搭捷運到南港展覽館站後轉接到捷運藍線,也有公車直達中央研究院 (約十五到廿分鐘) 附近交通公車、捷運等皆方便。其中麗湖飯店是內湖科學園區和南港科學園區的公司選擇接待外國客戶常常會訂的飯店。康寧生活會館旁邊就是康寧醫院,不知道 COSCUP 參與者介不介意就是。
  • 捷運 南港展覽館站 Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center (BL18)
  • 捷運 永春站 (忠孝東路)
    • 天閣 台北市信義區忠孝東路五段297號 No. 297, ZhongXiao East Road, Section 5, Taipei 110, Taiwan. Tel + 886 2-2528-8000 Fax +886 2-2528-7676.
  • Taipeibackpackers (Hostel)
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