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COSCUP 2009 講者行前通知


提醒您 COSCUP 2009 將於 8/15 8/16 舉辦,請瀏覽 核對你的演講時間


1. 為方便會議順利進行,敬請於 8/13 17:00 之前將您的投影片寄到 gro.pucsoc|margorp#gro.pucsoc|margorp ,我們會希望將您的投影片放上網站,因此敬請於投影片內附上版權宣告,如: 保留所有權利、CC-BY、CC-BY-SA 等等 。

2. 本次大會的演講內容皆全程錄影,若您同意演講錄影以 CC-BY-NC-ND 散布,請在報到櫃台簽署聲明書(。

3. 會場會準備 WiFi,講者席會有 ethernet,但我們無法保證網路的順暢。

4. 大會報到櫃台設於 臺灣大學 應用力學研究所 國際會議廳。
台大校內地圖 50 號之處

5. 我們在 8/15 的晚上有 BoF(同好聚會),希望您能考慮撥空參加或提議您喜愛的主題,請上 BoF 網頁(登記。

COSCUP 再次感謝您的支持。



Dear Speaker,

We would like to remind you that COSCUP will be held on August 15th and 16th, please check for the time slot of your talk.

1. Please consider to mail us your slides before 17:00 August 13rd (GMT+8). We would like to put your slides on the web site, so that please include the copyright notice in your slides, eg: all rights reserved, CC-BY, CC-BY-SA … etc.

2. Your talk will be recorded on video. In order to share your expertise, if you agree to release the video record of your talk under the license of CC-BY-NC-ND, please consider to sign the form ( at the counter of COSCUP.

3. There will be WiFi in the conference and Ethernet cable dedicated to speakers, but we can not guarantee the quality or bandwidth of the network.

4. The venue is located at Graduate Institue of Applied Mechanics of National Taiwan University.
Number 50 in this map

5. We will have a Birds-of-a-Feather session in the evening of August 15th. You are welcome to join us or propose your own topic at (in Chinese).

COSCUP thanks for your support again.

If you have any other questions, please please don't hesitate to contact:

XXX (XXX), COSCUP Program Committee.
email moc.liamg|XXX#moc.liamg|XXX
TW phone +886 xxx xxx xxx
US voice box +1 (xxx) xxx-xxxx

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