Program Brainstorming 2010




  • lack of people from the government side.
  • For coders:
    • Programming Language: P3, Ruby on Rails, C++… etc. (anything new?)
    • bobchao: 0Auth and OpenID - issues and troubleshooting
    • bobchao: Programming methodology?
  • For users
  • For Promoters:
  • Other topics?
    • Licenses
      • OSSF
    • OSS-friendly hardwares
      • Embedded system, sure.
        • 除一般網通, NAS 產品外,可往上游 SoC 場邀請。(見下方)
        • 相關人物
          • syc (蕭永慶), from 台灣芯
          • richliu, from CaviumNetworks
          • 董仲愷,from 5vt
    • Is it possible to include BoF in the programme as part(s) of the tracks, in parallel with other section(s)?
  • Ideas for special topics:
    • Improve UX in open source development: tools and strategy
      • lis186 (Justin Lee) is a UX designer in Asus, pingooo is luring him into open source projects
    • Band of HTML5: play music with HTML and JavaScript, without plugin! (Call for paper with prize?)
    • Hackathon, from Friday night to Sunday morning? (With live video from sessions.) 活動前需要先行安排工作計畫,沒有預先安排工作計畫的會變成聊天會議喔。一般鼓勵機制是贊助食宿費用,未預先規劃只提供場地。like Bugsquash day 或可量化的目標。
    • 「什麼年代了還在談 CMS —— OpenSource CMS 的轉變」 如果是一個比較能 cross-reference 各 CMS 平台的角色呢?這應該會屬於 (Power) User


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